Sunday, October 20, 2013

Coronado Club Room & Boathouse

Oooh, that roof! East elevation, overlooking the beach and Glorietta Bay. Photo ©Darren Bradley
This community center was commissioned by the city of Coronado, who asked local architects Hanna Gabriel Wells to provide a space to provide storage for non-motorized watercraft and access to San Diego Bay, and could also host special events and after-school programs. They nailed it. It won an Orchid for the Architecture category of this year's annual Orchids & Onion Awards by the San Diego Architectural Foundation.  

The west elevation faces the sun most of the day and also faces the street, so has few windows. Photo ©Darren Bradley
I noticed from the nomination photos submitted, and originally wanted to be the one to photograph it for the ceremony if it was selected. But I already had too much on my plate so I gave it up to another photographer. That fell through at the last minute, so I guess it was fate that I ended up shooting this project, after all. 

Just another day at the office for that guy. Photo ©Darren Bradley
Alas, because it was last minute on a tight deadline, I didn't have any time to scout out the project first. I showed up for the first time and started photographing immediately - I needed to get back and process those photos the same morning. I shot most of it just walking around, hand-held... 

I'd even look forward to doing the dishes from here. Photo ©Darren Bradley
I really like this project. It has a casual Coronado vibe to it. It's across the street from a masterpiece of Victorian architecture, the fabled Hotel del Coronado. The shingled siding alludes to that traditional style. 

But the real star of the show is the post & beam main hall, with its great cantilevered roofline. 

Fire pit in front of the building, situated right on the beach. Photo ©Darren Bradley
The walls open up completely to give the interior an outdoor feel. 

It's all about those beams! (OK, the view isn't bad, either). Photo ©Darren Bradley
The boathouse provides storage for personal watercraft and direct access to Glorietta Bay.

Photo ©Darren Bradley
All in all, not a bad place to spend some time. 

For more information on Hanna Gabriel Wells, click here. 


Boris said...

It is a real beauty! You have done a great job considering the circumstances. Actually, shooting a building without a walk through may be an advantage, sort of a “discovery” process. Fresh look, etc. As a side note, a few images look too washed out on my monitor, not sure why.

modarchitecture said...

Thanks, Boris. Not sure why some of the images appear washed out. But with the siting of this building and the angle of the sun, I was shooting directly into the sun for many of the shots and that may have given it a washed out appearance. I decided not to try to correct too much in LR or PS, because I didn't mind the effect.

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