Friday, May 31, 2013

UCSD: A Built History of Modernism

Photo ©Darren Bradley
One of the greatest collections of modern architecture in the country is right in my backyard. The University of California at San Diego is like a museum of modern architecture, from the 60s through the present day. And what makes it even more unique is that there is not a single example of traditional architecture on the campus! 

Living so close and having spent much time here since my childhood, I know the campus well. Since I can't go longer than a few days without needing to go make some photos, UCSD serves as both my playground and lab for trying out new techniques. As a result, I've built up a pretty good sized collection of photos of the buildings there over the years. 

My friends at ArchDaily recently decided to do an article on UCSD and its architectural treasures, and I was happy to contribute my photos to the effort. 

And a couple more of the photos included...

UCSD Geisel Library
Photo ©Darren Bradley
Geisel Library
Photo ©Darren Bradley