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Seidler Offices & Apartments

Seidler Offices & Apartments
Front entry of the Seidler Offices & Apartments. Harry loved his curves. Photo ©Darren Bradley
I've already talked about Harry Seidler a few times on this blog. I even wrote an article about the house he built for his parents shortly after immigrating to Australia.  After that first, groundbreaking project, he went on to have a brilliant international career. I realized I have enough photos of some of his other projects to put up another article or two. 

Seidler Offices & Apartments
Both those those brise-soleils and scalloped concrete T-beams were common themes in Seidler's work. He used them in various ways for many other projects, before moving on to the wave-like terraced balconies that are so characteristic of his last projects. Photo ©Darren Bradley
Like many modernists of his day, he embraced concrete brutalism in a big way. His own apartment building and offices in Sydney are a prime example of that. 

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Love the details. This is the entrance to the underground parking garage. iPhone Photo ©Darren Bradley

It's a deceptively simple building. But like many brutalist buildings that are very well done, it reveals itself in the light and seems to transform, depending on the time of day and the angle. 

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Seidler's own apartment was in the penthouse up top. iPhone Photo ©Darren Bradley

There's a little pocket park adjacent to the building, with a nice view of the Luna Park and harbour  beyond. It was finished in Harry's honor, when he passed away a few years ago. 
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iPhone Photo ©Darren Bradley

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