Sunday, July 21, 2013

Risley & Gould

The breezeway connecting Mayer and Bonner Halls in Revelle College, University of California at San Diego, was designed by Risley & Gould (1968). Photo ©Darren Bradley
The LA-based architecture firm of Risley & Gould designed a number of projects on the campus of the University of California at San Diego (primarily at Revelle College). Their breezeway (above and below), is my favorite structure on campus (along with the library). 

Covered Walkway
Photo ©Darren Bradley
The Breezeway
Photo ©Darren Bradley
Keith York of Modern San Diego recently asked me if I had any photos of the Risley & Gould projects, as he has just established a web page for them on his site. Since I only had the breezeway, he asked me to take a few more when I got the chance. 
Bonner Hall by Risley & Gould (1964) is one of the first buildings on the UCSD campus.Photo ©Darren Bradley
As it happens, I'm currently shooting another project on campus for the architect Kevin deFreitas (more on that later). Since I was already walking past the Risley & Gould buildings, I grabbed a few quick shots for his website. 
Another view of Bonner Hall, by Risley & Gould (1964). Photo ©Darren Bradley
Both Risley & Gould taught at the USC School of Architecture. Risley, who was from San Diego, once worked for Bertram Goodhue (who designed many of the structures in San Diego's Balboa Park). 
Urey Hall at UCSD, by Risley & Gould (1963). Photo ©Darren Bradley
Mayer Hall, by Risley & Gould (1963). Photo ©Darren Bradley
For more information on the architects Winchton Risley and Stanley Gould, please check out Keith's site. 


Unknown said...

Great pics, Darren.
Can't wait to see all of this stuff up close in a few weeks.

Darren Bradley said...

Hope you enjoy your visit, Rory! Welcome to San Diego!

Rachel Maniago said...

I am a UCSD alumna and my first dorm experience was at Revelle. At the time, I knew nothing about modern architecture, but would often stop and stare at the breezeway because I knew I liked something about it. Thanks for the info and wonderful photos! I think I need to do a campus visit soon!

Darren Bradley said...

Thanks for the comment, Rachel. Nice to here from an alumna!

barbara Lamprecht said...

Hi Darren,

While looking for background info on Boyd Georgi, ran into you as I was checking out Risley Gould. And there you are! Greetings, amigo.

-- barbara